12/17/18-12/21/2018 Science Newsletter

Welcome to the last week before Winter Break!!

Things Coming Up:

12/17: Hot Lunch – Chicken Tenders

12/17: Queen of Hearts, 7pm, Kenny’s

12/19: $1 Dress Down – Ugly Christmas Sweater Attire

12/19: Hot Lunch – Chicken or Caesar Salad

12/19: Band Concert 7pm

12/20: Mass Schedule, 9am All School Christmas Mass, Dress Up K and 8th Grade

12/21: 1pm Dismissal, Only periods 4-7

6th Grade

  1. Quizzes/Tests: Unit 2 Test Thursday!!
  2. Lessons To Be Reviewing at Home: All of Unit 2
  3. Objectives: To design a process to remove iron and to understand the rock cycle.
  4. Questions To Answer: Do I eat minerals? Why did the engineers for the St. Cletus buildings need to care about rocks?
  5. Labs: Design a Process to Remove Iron, Rocks and Minerals Stations

* Plans are constantly altered due to the needs of students. Last week, we were mostly consumed with consumer fair.

7th Grade:

  1. Quizzes/Tests: U2L6L7 Quiz after break
  2. Lessons To Be Reviewing at Home: U2L6, U2L7
  3. Objectives: To  create a model of DNA and investigate a case of selective breeding.
  4. Questions To Answer: Can I decode a strand of DNA? How does selective breeding relate to food I eat?
  5. Labs: DNA Model Building, Selective Breeding and Food

8th Grade

  1. Quizzes/Tests: N/A
  2. Lessons To Be Reviewing at Home: U3L1, U3L2
  3. Objectives: To model the transfer of electrons and to investigate elements of the periodic table.
  4. Questions To Answer: Can I charge plastic with my hands? How do elements on the periodic table relate to me?
  5. Labs: Plastic Bag Science, Mystery Element

Faith Can Move Mountains

Ms. Berk