3/11-3/23 Science Newsletter

Welcome to another week of Science!!! (Last week we completed logic puzzle challenges in between play practices but not much else to report on the science front from last week!)

3/20 Hot Lunch: 4pc. Chicken Tenders

3/20 Dining for Dollars at Portillo’s on Rt. 83 in Willowbrook

3/20 Stations of the Cross 2:30

3/20 Speech Screening throughout the day

3/21 Assembly Schedule

3/21 Stations of the Cross 2:30

3/22 Auction Shirt Dress Down

3/25 Hot Lunch: Meatball Sandwich

3/25 Queen of Hearts at Kenny’s

3/26 College Dress Down Day

6th Grade

We finished up our Earth science text with a structure and earthquake simulation! Here students are testing the designs they made. Some really stood up to some rigorous testing! This week, we started off with an experiment that showed the different rates the universe is expanding at. Ask your child how a rubber band modeled the expanding universe! Next, we are learning about stars and differentiating between the different types of galaxy structures. What’s the different between a spiral galaxy and an elliptical galaxy? We will also graph stars with what’s called an H-R diagram. Over the weekend, students should study for a Unit 1 test that is coming up next week.

7th Grade

In 7th grade, we are learning about the diversity of life. We will focus in on protists and try to locate some in local pond water using our microscopes. We will also complete an engineering design process about the dispersal of seeds. Additionally, we will begin to study leaf structure, again with the assistance of our microscopes. Over the weekend, students should prepare for a U2L1L2 quiz coming up next week.

8th Grade

In 8th grade, we are continuing our nuclear energy Claim-Evidence-Reasoning writing documents. Students then have a choice to present their arguments or to take the Unit test on Monday. A study guide will be given for the test. I would encourage your students to practice their speeches in front of you. The speech is not an easy way out and should not be read off a sheet of paper! Additionally, we completed an experiment on acids and bases utilizing litmus paper to determine which household substances were acids and which were bases. Then, we tested the substances on apples over a multi-day lab to see which would prevent the oxidation, or development of brown coloring, of apples!

Please email me with any questions or concerns!

In peace,

Ms. Berk