Science Newsletter Junior High

Hello Junior High Students, Parents, and Guardians!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks back at school at St. Cletus!


  • We are currently learning about minerals and rocks. Ask your child if they eat minerals!
  • Additionally, we have been focusing a significant amount of time on Consumer Fair projects that will be on display Friday, January 25th. Students did an excellent job peer-reviewing each others’ boards.


  • We wrapped up our unit on DNA structure and function and biotechnology. We learned there are positive and negative sides to biotech and pollinated flowers just like Gregory Mendel did in the 1850’s. Ask your student if the pollination was difficult or easy!
  • We are starting a new textbook entitled, “The Diversity of Living Things.”


  • Our 8th graders are beginning to learn more about the periodic table and refreshing their memories about the structural nature of atoms that was reviewed before break. We are determining a select number of patterns to help us better understand the periodic table.
  • Additionally, a significant amount of time has been dedicated to completing our Science Fair projects for Thursday, January 24th. Judging will take place from 3-5pm.


  • We have been reflecting on where we can see the lavish abundance of God in our lives and what we can ask Jesus for guidance with this week.

In peace,

Ms. Berk