September 26th 7th Grade Work

Here are some photos of the games students made to continue processing the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells!

Additionally, Christian Arias wrote an amazing poem about eukaryotes and prokaryotes!


Cell organelles have many functions

The overall structure is one big junction


However there are two types of cell class

The prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells surely pass


Because this test is all about their structure

We’ll know about their organelles and cell function way further


The eukaryotic cell is  such a big deal

It’s in us and plants, trust me the variety is real


They have a nucleus and membrane bound organelles

Let’s not forget the DNA that the nucleus contains well


The prokaryotic cells do not have this much

But this kind of cell is in bacteria in a bunch


They have no nucleus or membrane-bound organelles

But like the eukaryotic cell they’ve got ribosomes and cytoplasm; so swell

In peace,

Ms. Berk