Social Studies

6th Grade

Students are learning the ways in which geography affected early settlement in Egypt, Kush, and Canaan. Some students recreated the geography of Egypt and Kush by becoming physical features on a map while other students acted as settlers and analyzed environmental factors like water, topography, and vegetation before determining the best place to settle.

7th Grade

Students visited the Chicago History Museum and participated in the Facing Freedom workshop. They became historians by analyzing artifacts and curating an exhibit. They are applying some of the critical thinking skills that they honed at the museum while analyzing sources for the history fair project they are currently researching.

8th Grade

Students are learning how the United States became a world power at the turn of the Twentieth Century. They analyzed political cartoons from the time in order to determine whether the cartoonists were condemning or praising U.S. actions during the Spanish American War and World War I.