The Past Two Weeks in History 12/16-1/11

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Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, January 16-$1 Throwback dress down
  • Wednesday, January 16-8th grade graduation photos 8 am
  • Thursday, January 17-9 am Mass
  • Friday, January 18-Interim ASPIRE testing
  • Friday, January 18-Cardinal Pursuit 7 pm
  • Monday, January 21-No School (Martin Luther King Day)
  • Friday, January 25-History Fair projects due
  • Sunday, January 27-Catholic Schools Week Mass (9:30 am) Open House (10:30 am)

That’s Ancient History (6)

The 6th graders have been finishing up their unit on Egypt with a few ending projects. Before Christmas Break students studied this civilization’s religion, they learned about the unique and vibrant belief of life after death. They were able to take a walk in Anubis’ shoes by creating a paper sarcophagus and exploring what items they would take with them into the afterlife. The end of our unit focused on the different Kingdoms of Egypt and the pharaohs that ruled. Students learned about four famous pharaohs and were asked to create a political campaign poster and speech for the pharaoh they felt would make the best leader based on our learning. The goal was to try to convince their classmates (Egyptians) to vote for their pharaoh if voting was allowed in Ancient Egypt. We finished up our unit this week with a test and students will present their speeches on Monday. As we look forward to the next few weeks, students will take a quick trip to Kush, an area that worked very closely with Egypt. We will then learn about the Israelites, a group that existed during the time of Ancient Egypt. Through the study of this civilization, students will get a closer look at Judaism.

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The Constitutional Classroom (7)

7th grade has been hard at work on their Chicago Metro History Fair projects. The students are working on planning, writing, and designing their websites, documentaries, or exhibits. Their goal is to demonstrate knowledge of their topic and argue why it fits the theme of triumph and/or tragedy. As they take a walk in a museum curator’s shoes, they will also be working on their summary statement, an introduction to their project that works like a scientist’s abstract, explaining how their project was conducted. They will also create an annotated bibliography featuring all of their wonderful research and how it was used within their project. Students are working both in and out of class on these elements of the project and can seek extra help at after-school workshops in the coming weeks. Once students complete their project, they will be assessed by judges and have the chance to send their project to the regional competition! In our next unit, we will finally head back to our focus on early American history, learning about how our government came to be through the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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America on the World’s Stage (8)

After Christmas break, the 8th grade headed back into their study of America after WWI, the 1920s. We focused on the politics, immigration, prohibition, organized crime, and cultural divides from this era before the break and have come back to learn about “roar” of the 1920s-the culture. Students were amused by the types of entertainment people enjoyed during this era, including pole sitting, radio listening, and dancing. We have taken an in-depth look at the Harlem Renaissance, gathering information on how the Great Migration impacted the music and culture of the 1920s, bringing about jazz, blues, and many famous works of art. They learned how this artistic movement changed the lives of African Americans and eventually lead to the Civil Rights movement years later. The last of this unit will focus on racial unrest, specifically the Chicago Race Riots and the consumerism of the time. The goal of these lessons is for students to realize the connections that the 1920s still have today. We will end this unit with a test next week and begin to explore the Great Depression. In this upcoming section, students will get the chance to truly understand how outstanding consumerism caused the Stock Market to fail by calculating the finances of F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the famous authors of this time. We will also explore the other elements that played a role in the devastation of this time period, causing it to truly be the Great Depression.

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