The Past Two Weeks in History

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Important Dates:

  • Monday, February 11 – All school mass 9 am (hosted by 7th grade)
  • Tuesday, February 12 – 5th grade Musical -2 pm and 7 pm
  • Thursday, February 14 – Assembly Schedule -Valentine’s Day
  • Thursday, February 14 – $1 Pink or Red Dress Down Day
  • Friday, February 15 – 7th and 8th grade Winter Dance 7 pm (beach themed)
  • Monday, February 18 – No School – Presidents’ Day
  • Thursday, February 21 – Confirmation Practice 7 pm
  • Saturday, February 23 – Confirmation 1 pm
  • Friday, March 1 – End of trimester 2

That’s Ancient History (6)

The 6th graders are finishing up their study of Judaism. Through this short unit, students gathered information on specific historical figures and created scrolls to tell about their important achievements, both as leaders and in their religion. They then studied why the Jews were often forced out of their homeland and why the diaspora helped to create synagogues, a religious service, and the current Jewish way of life. Students will be taking a quiz on Judaism this week and then we will move on to India! We will begin by studying the geography of India so students can get a better understanding of the new area we will be focusing on. They will then have the opportunity to act as archaeologists, digging up artifacts to learn about the Indus river valley. Students will compare and contrast the Indus River valley civilization to other river valley civilizations they have studied this year. 

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The Constitutional Classroom (7)

The 7th graders have been focused on the Constitutional Convention this past week. We looked at the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and studied what changes were made in the Constitution to avoid these issues. They learned that the convention as filled with many compromises and left a plan for our government that everyone wasn’t completely happy with. We then took a look at the first political parties that emerged when America was waiting for the states to ratify the new Constitution: federalists and anti-federalists. Students gathered information about each sides’ viewpoint and what types of people would have agreed with each side in the 1780s. This week they will have the opportunity to debate ratifying the Constitution and adding a Bill of Rights. Check out the pictures of their debate later this week! The rest of the week we will get into exploring the actual Constitution, studying the words of the preamble, how the balance between the state and federal governments work, and lastly, looking into the executive branch and electoral college. Students should continue to study vocabulary and concepts on Quizlet and studying the running study guide we have been making.

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America on the World’s Stage (8)

The 8th graders have been working on exploring the differences in how Hoover and Roosevelt both approached the Great Depression. We then moved into looking closely at the New Deal programs and how they are used and implemented still today. Throughout this unit, students have also had the opportunity to participate in a mini stock market. Students were asked to invest $300-$500 in 1920s stocks. Each day the stock prices are posted and they are asked to calculate their profits and losses. This activity will end this week with the 1929 stock prices and students will find out just how much money they were able to make on their investments through this decade. Students will finish up their study of the Great Depression with a look at the critiques of the New Deal and our week and unit will end with a quiz. We will then move on to World War II!

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