The Past Two Weeks in History

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, April 30 – $1 Student Council sponsored green dress down
  • Tuesday, April 30 – 8 am Mass
  • Tuesday, May 7 – $1 Student Council sponsored favorite color dress down
  • Wednesday, May 8 – 8 am Mass
  • Wednesday, May 8 – 10:30 am 7th-grade field trip to West Side Story
  • Wednesday, May 8 – Misericordia Assembly
  • Thursday, May 9 – Sports Awards 7 pm
  • Monday, May 13 – May Crowning 9 am Mass
  • Monday, May 13- Friday, May 17 – Bring the Change Fundraiser

That’s Ancient History (6)

Students finished their study of India with Shark Tank proposals for inventions from the Gupta Empire. The students needed to research an assigned invention, present its use, purpose, and pitch it as a new product replete with packaging, pricing, advertising, etc. A few of their classmates then acted as “Sharks” and asked them clarifying questions and decided if they would invest. The students did an amazing job creating posters for their advertisements using Canva. We then jumped into our next area of study, Ancient China. We started with the geography of the area, of course, exploring its similarities and differences between it and the other geographic areas we’ve studied. These next two weeks we will be taking a close look four of the dynasties of China, their rise, fall, and achievements. We will then experience and examine the three different philosophies of Taoism, Confucianism, and Legalism with in-class simulations. At the end of the unit, we will take a closer look at the Silk Road from the Chinese perspective as opposed to the European side the students have already explored in previous classes. Our year will then finish up with an exploration of Ancient Greece. 

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The Constitutional Classroom (7)

The students completely rocked their Constitution tests and have moved on to exploring the Early Republic, a time of growth and change as a new country. The past two weeks the students explored Washington’s precedents as the first president and how his many decisions impacted those that followed him. Washington warned of political party tensions in his farewell address and students found out how quickly his predictions would come to fruition with the firey election of 1800. After taking a close look at the viewpoints and policies of each man the students had the chance to better explore Jefferson and Adams’ political platforms by creating a political song touting their candidate’s positive attributes and degrading the opposition. The students then had the chance to perform these for their class, I was super impressed with their lyrical skills. The next two weeks the students will explore the foreign policy decisions of these three presidents as well as Madison and Monroe. Each student will take a look at a big event each president had to deal with, decide how they would respond in a small group and argue their case with the class before finding out how that president actually responded. To finish up this chapter, students will create a tombstone for each president, speaking about their foreign policies. We will then take a brief look into Andrew Jackson and the debate that often follows him before exploring how our country grew under the idea of Manifest Destiny. Our year will finish up with a study of the Civil War and Reconstruction. 

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America on the World’s Stage (8)

The 8th graders completed their WWII unit right before break and we immediately jumped into the Cold War. We ended the unit with an in-depth look at the decision to drop the atomic bomb and explored the consequences, both positive and negative, of this decision. The students were then asked to meet in groups to plan an online memorial of the atomic bomb using only one picture and caption to honor the event. Based on their conclusions after reading many primary sources, the students had to choose a picture they felt remained neutral or took the side of either the U.S. or Japan. The students do get to revisit WWII with a visit to the Holocaust museum in a few weeks. As we move into the Cold War the students get the chance to use their previous knowledge of how WWII ended to explore how the U.S. and USSR began to have this intense tension. In the coming weeks, the students will take a closer look at the decisions made by each country after WWII and how these decisions resulted in the Korean and Vietnam War as well as the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missle Crisis. We will also explore the space race. Our final unit will be the Civil Rights movement and we will finish up the year with an in-class diplomacy simulation project with the help of Mr. Duffy.


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