September 14 Mrs. Van Wyck




Monday September 13–No School


Math 8A:  We are progressing through Chapter 2 at a pace of about a section a day.   Chapter 2 is somewhat of a review since it is about adding/subtracting/multiplication/division of integers.  Practice, practice, practice is the key as we will use these skills and apply them to much more complex equations.  This is where we start to think algebraically which can be new to Algebra I students.    We will be finishing Chapter 2 and having the next test on September 20 or 21.

Math 8B:  We took the Chapter 1 test today.  We will go over the test on Tuesday and move on to Unit 2 Exponents and Scientific Notation.

7th Grade Math:  The seventh graders have moved on to learning about multiplication and division of simple integers.  It is very important that the students are quick to identify the rules for multiplication and division.  It will help them to have speed and accuracy.

Religion:  We explored two very important concepts as we journey toward Confirmation:

Why am I Catholic?  Sometimes being Catholic is not always the easy or most popular choice.  That may be hard for students to understand who have attended all Catholic schools/primarily socialize in all Catholic circles.  As our students expand their horizons in high schools and college, it is important to have a good foundation of faith.  We may be challenged by those who judge our religion on the basis of one individual.

Which gifts have I been blessed with an abundance of in my life?  Looking at the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, we have all been blessed with so many unique qualities.  How can I use these gifts as I look to my future work?