What’s New in Language Arts? 2/10

6th Grade: 

This past week, sixth grade reviewed run on and fragmented sentences. Our biggest writing goal for the year is to eliminate these types of improper sentences from our papers and writing projects. Then we learned to differentiate between action and helping verbs through participating in a stations activity. Next week, we will continue to expand our verb knowledge as we learn about linking verbs and direct objects through a variety of identification and application activities and games. We will also wrap up the week with our unit 9 vocab quiz.

Upcoming Due Dates:

2/10–vocab menu for unit 9; 1-21 action and helping verbs (posted on Classroom)

2/13–workbook pages due

2/14–unit 9 quiz with verbs!


7th Grade: 

This past week, seventh graders drafted their PSA scripts with their groups. Then we learned about how writers create mood in preparation for creating our own PSA videos, using a special online screen-capture software called ScreenCast. Beginning next week, seventh grade will participate in peer reviews for their scripts. Then, we will begin storyboarding and (most exciting!) recording for the final PSA video.

Upcoming Due Dates: 

2/10–vocab menu for unit 9; PSA script (one rough draft per group)

2/13–workbook pages due

2/14–unit 9 quiz


8th Grade: 

This past week, students finished viewing A Class Divided. We also reviewed how to introduce, cite, and explain evidence in writing. Students then had time to apply these strategies as they responded in writing to the prompts in their Socratic Seminar preparation guide. Early next week, students will lead their Socratic Seminar. Students earn points for their participation. They should speak at least three times. They should also provide specific evidence from the film to back up their opinions. In order to earn a superior grade, students must respond to their peers and drawn on examples from the film.

Upcoming Due Dates:

2/10–vocab menu

2/11–Socratic Seminar Question Guide; please print for Wednesday

2/12 –Socratic Seminar

2/13–workbook pages

2/14–vocab quiz unit 9