What’s New in Language Arts? 2/18

6th Grade: 

This past week, sixth grade learned about the various kinds of verbs: action, helping, and linking verbs. They also learned about and practiced writing with direct objects. As we begin next week, we will move on to our next major writing project, twisted fairy tales. For this project, the students will rewrite some of their favorite classic fairy tales with a twist–a new point of view. We will read model twisted fairy tales in class and analyze the ways in which changing the point of view changes the story. We will also reinforce some of the writing skills we learned at the beginning of the year, such as using effective sensory language, including transitional phrases, and flowing plot structure.

Upcoming Due Dates:

2/18–direct objects exercises 1-20



7th Grade: 

This past week, the seventh graders peer reviewed each others’ PSA scripts and provided effective feedback for revising. They then began working on compiling their multimedia slideshows, so that early next week we can begin recording our final PSA videos. After the seventh graders complete their PSAs, we will celebrate by having a “viewing party” where the class has the opportunity to showcase their final projects. Next, we will begin a brief study of pronouns and antecedents. Students will learn how to correct issues of pronoun clarity and pronoun antecedent agreement in their own writing. They will also complete various practice/application activities with several types of pronouns including indefinite pronouns and interrogative pronouns.

Upcoming Due Dates: 

2/18–final slideshow

2/21–completed PSA video


8th Grade: 

This past week students completed preparation for the Socratic seminar, which included creating and answering some of their own open-ended discussion questions. The eighth grade also successfully held a two-day discussion on stereotyping and discrimination, completely student led! Tuesday will be our final day to discuss and reflect on our experience. Then, students will briefly review the various types of verbs, as well as learn about direct and indirect objects through an assortment of practice and application activities.

Upcoming Due Dates:

No homework over the weekend; other due dates to be announced!