News From Room 111

News From Room 111

Important things happening this week:

Room 111 is in need of disinfecting wipes.  If you are will and able to send in a container or more they would be GREATLY appreciated by us all!!!

Thursday, February 25th:  D4D at Chick Fil A in Willow Brook

Friday, February 26:  February Poems are due on FLIPGRID.  The class will take the weekly Math and Grammar Simple Solution Quizzes as well as the 2 Spelling tests.

Presidential Mobiles were AMAZING!!  The students did a wonderful job on their presentations as well as creating their mobiles.  Mobiles will be heading home on Friday the 26th so please put a garbage bag in your child’s backpack so the can be brought home dry and in one piece.    

In the beginning of the month Miss Delgado took over the teaching of Math as the students learning about division.  Last week she added Science to her teachings with lessons about the plant life cycle.  This week she will add spelling and phonics to her list.  Starting on Monday, March 1st she will have the entire day with the students.  Miss Delgado is do an amazing job and the students are really enjoying getting to know her.  

This week we will be viewing the presentations of the February poems that are due on FLIPGRID Friday, February 26th.  If you are in need of the poems, they are listed on the GOOGLE CLASSROOM ~ CLASSWORK page.  Please encourage your child to be animated as they recite their poems.

If your child has not uploaded their February Prayer to the Prayer FLIPGRID please have them do so immediately.

This week we will be completing work with our story “The Year of Miss Agnes.”  The students will complete a comprehension test about the book on Wednesday, February 24th.  As a follow up to the fast two stories the students have read “The Athabascans and The Year of Miss Agnes”, the students are being assigned a book report using a historic fiction novel.  I will have a list of books that are great options for this project.  A couple of series that have historic themes are “Little House on the Prairie and Magic Tree House.”  The project for this book report will be to create a diorama in a shoe box.  Directions will be sent home at the beginning of the month and projects will be due at the end of the month.  Date to be determined.  


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