November 6 Preschool



This week we got back on track after Halloween with focusing on our new letter– the letter Uu. On Friday, we also reviewed Gg and Oo.

U is for unicorn, umbrella, unicycle, and underwater.  

Letter motion: U, U, U…Up goes the umbrella…u, u, u.  Move your hand/arm like you are opening an umbrella.  

This introduces our fourth VOWEL sound–Uu. This will again increase our potential for reading simple words with the letters we already know (S, P, T, I, A, N, G). We can start sounding out words like nut and sun with the middle u sound.

Next week…
Ll is for ladybug, love, lights, and lion. Of course, we will also investigate the size and shape of the fallen leaves. Fall is such a beautiful time of year!  We are also reading a story everyday about Thanksgiving themes such as feast, family, and gratitude.  

If you are up for some laughs in the comfort of your own home see the school website or flyer that went home about the upcoming comedy night!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Van Wyck