Preschool April-May 2, 2021

Good morning!  I am so excited to let you know we have 4 chrysalis that have moved up to the top of the butterfly box.  We will have hopefully have butterflies very soon.

We are on our last letter – Qq,  We have been busy making queens, quacking ducks, and asking lots of questions.  We have also learned how to play letter bingo which is a great review game.  With out last days of school we will go back and review the alphabet as it stands in chronological order (A, B, C…). We have spent this year learning and practicing the synthetic sounds of letters.  In our program we make sure to cover the letters in both context to aide in long term memory recognition.

We’ve moved through the letters Vv, Ww, and now Qu since returning from Spring break.

We continue to make tallies and explore ten frame number sequences– all wonderful preparation for next year.  Simple addition will be introduced as we think ahead to next year.

The students received a special treat this week for the feast of St Cletus.  We are so blessed to be part of the St. Cletus community.

Have a wonderful week!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions at

Mrs. Rebecca