Preschool-February 1, 2021

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Hello Preschool families!

 The review of the consonants s, n, t, p, g, b, was so important and such a success! These are very commonly used letter sounds in simple three letter words. With the vowels we know (i, a, u) – we can truly READ many words. This is the amazing part about Jolly Phonics and synthetic letter sound curriculums. The students have a word list that we have started “breaking apart”-the words are pin, sit, pat, sat, bat, nip, pun, pan. Each letter has a distinct motion that goes with the sound.

We also started diving into preschool sight words. At, an, away, and, and a are the first set for January. More will be introduced in each month of the school year.  Everyday the students will get exposure to these words for future “memorization.”

We will be introducing another vowel next week–the letter e. As always, we will start tracing Ee and then move to practicing free hand writing. We will talk about words and stories that start with Ee. Expect to see lots of fun crafts with Ee themes!

Valentines Day is such a fun time! With the start of February next week, we will continue talking about how God loves us and how to treat each other with love and kindness.

As always–please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Sincerely, Jennifer Van Wyck