Preschool – March 15th

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Hello Parents!

This week we wrapped up Jj. Jj is for jellyfish, jug, jam, and jelly beans. We also introduced four important preprimer sight words-the, a, and, and away.

We are seeing much improvement in writing letters and names independently. That is so great and writing our name (first and/or last) independently will be a focus for the rest of the year!

Next week we move to the letter Yy. We will introduce sight words–big, can. come and for.

My daughter, Julia, will be teaching the students the Irish jig on Wednesday and giving each student a St. Patty’s Day prize! This will be lots of fun!!

We have been talking about Lent all week. We discuss little ways a preschooler can prepare for Easter. They can give something up (candy, cake) or do something extra (prayer, chores).

Thank you all for the warm welcome for Mrs. Rebecca!  She is enjoying getting to know the students.  We will also be having extra gym time at 2pm each day with Miss Pryor.  

Try to have a change of clothes (pants, top, socks, and underwear) in each backpack–just in case :).  

Thank you,

Mrs. Van Wyck