Preschool Newsletter – January 11, 2019

Preschool Newsletter – January 11, 2019

Upcoming events:

  • Monday, January 14 – Hot lunch/Turkey sandwich
  • Wednesday, January 16 – Hot lunch/Hot dog with fruit
    • $1 Throw back dress down day
  • Thursday, January 17 – ALL SCHOOL MASS
  • Friday, January 18 – Cardinal pursuit at 7 pm in Morrissey Hall
  • Monday, January 21 – NO SCHOOL

This week in Preschool we learned about winter an the letter “M.” Throughout the week we read both fiction and non-fiction books on winter. We also discussed how to dress during the winter and different winter activities. Our letter “M” words include: monkey, map, mop, moose, muffin, mittens, mouse, mom, and Monday.

Centers included:

  • Religion: “Jesus Meets the Children”
  • Handwriting journals – Letter M
  • Hot chocolate mug craft
  • Winter hats
  • Winter mittens
  • Winter roll and cover game
  • “How to dress in the winter” activity
  • Name writing practice
  • Winter math patterns
  • Magnet tiles
  • Winter pattern blocks
  • Science center – snowy animals

Next week we will be learning about Penguins and the letter “N.” We will learn some facts about penguins and learn how they stay warm. The children will also make various penguin crafts and play math games. Be sure to take a look at our winter art projects in our Preschool hallway!

Pictures from this week: