Preschool Newsletter – May 24, 2019

Preschool Newsletter – May 24, 2019

Upcoming events:

  • Monday, May 27 – NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, May 28 – $1 Dress Down Day/Wear blue
  • Wednesday, May 29 – Hot lunch/Pizza
    • When: Friday, May 31st at 8:30 am
    • Where: Spring Ave. Park
    • Students should arrive at school at the normal time drop off time at 8:00am. We will be leaving the school promptly at 8:15 am to walk to the park. If your child arrives to school after 8:20 am, they will have to meet us at the park.
    • After dropping off your child at school at 8:00 am, parents should head over to the park and wait for the end of the year party to start.
    • This will be an EARLY DISMISSAL for preschool students on this day. Students will be dismissed with their families after the celebration. Please do not send anything (backpacks, lunches, folders, rest things, etc.)  to school with your child on this day as they will not need them and will have to carry these items to the park.
    • This is the LAST day of school for all preschool students!

This week in Preschool we completed a letter review and learned about summer. The children also worked on their letter sounds and number recognition. Throughout the week we played various math games and practiced identifying our numbers by tracing them. The children have been enjoying the weather and going outside for recess! We love playing with chalk! Be sure to check out some pictures!

Centers included:

  • Paper plate sun craft
  • Shape recognition games
  • Religion: “Goodbye!”
  • Paper plate beach ball craft
  • Sorting and counting games
  • Letter bingo
  • Same or different group games
  • Pattern blocks
  • Handwriting journals
  • Paper bag kite
  • Paper plate watermelon
  • Peg boards
  • Writing numbers 0-10
  • Playdough
  • Number bingo

Next week we will complete a letter review, number review, and discuss summer time! Throughout the week we will read both fiction and non-fiction books on summer and discuss different activities to do over the summer break. The children will play various hands-on summer games and practice identifying all 26 letter in the alphabet. We will complete a number review by playing number bingo and roll & cover math games to practice recognizing numbers 0-10.

Pictures from the week: