Preschool week February 1

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Hello Preschool families!

A, E, I, O, U…the students were introduced to the letter Ee this week. We have learned all 5 vowels now! We spent a significant amount of time on Thursday and Friday reviewing all our vowels for letter recognition, letter writing, and, most importantly, letter sound.

Jolly songs and motions:

Aa, Aa ants on my arm are causing me alarm!
Ee, Ee eggs in the pan!
Ii, Ii Icky the mouse!
Off/on, Off, on with the light switch!
Uu, Uu, Up goes the umbrella, Uu, Uu, Up goes the umbrella!

Vowels can be tricky to distinguish the sound so these songs are a nice resource for students. They have a whole word to remember (U goes with umbrella) if they are trying to remember the sound.

We continued with preschool sight words. At, an, away, and, a, the, is, it, he, and she have been introduced. Now it’s time to start sounding out simple sentences The cat sat. He is a cat . More will be introduced in each month of the school year. Everyday the students will get exposure to these words for future “memorization.” We also read Green Eggs and Ham and made some fun crafts…repetitive rhymes build a great vocabulary foundation for reading.

Next week is back to consonants with the letter Hh. Hh will further complement our rhymes we have been breaking apart –pat, sat, at, fat–hat!

For Valentine’s Day, we will continue talking about how God loves us and how to treat each other with love and kindness. We will also be making fun Valentine crafts and cards for our families. If anyone would like to send in any Valentines, crafts, or stickers for Friday–that would be great!

As always–please feel free to reach out with any questions.