Preschool week of 12/14

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This week we have been learning all about the letter Cc. We have also been talking about the birth of baby Jesus. We’ve read and watched several stories of Jesus’s birth. The students are able to talk about the the events now which is so good. Don’t hesitate to ask them about the story (Jesus-Joseph-Mary-the angel-the shepherd-three wise men-the stable).

Reading: We read The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? by Mo Willems. This series of stories starring “the pigeon” are always a fun read. The students decorated their own cookie as well.

We continue to have so much fun doing Christmas crafts and activities! We are truly enjoying the holiday season! The students each told me some of the wonderful things they are doing around the house to help get ready for the birth of Jesus (i.e. helped decorate the tree, helped clean up). These activities are all written and compiled on leaves to make a wreath in the room.

There are so many three letter Cc words–which is great! Students have been practicing C-A-T, C-O-W, and C-A-N blended sounds.

Rhyming and sounding out 3 letter words with letters (P, F, C, T, A, I, S, L, U, O, N, B, G):

at, pat, cat, sat, fat, bat
it, pit, fit, sit, nit, lit

Letter sound/song: Put your arms in the air and snap your fingers (like castanets).

Next week we stay with the same Cc sound, but now look at Kk words (same sound and motion).


Mrs. Van Wyck