Preschool week of December 7


Nativity Scene O Holy Night Garage Door Mural

This week we have been learning all about the letter Bb and talking about the birth of baby Jesus.

We have two large projects going on as we understand the true meaning of Christmas and the joy of Jesus’s birth. We are making Advent wreaths and Nativity scenes. The students have been enjoying listening to stories about Jesus’s birth…lots of new words to discover (Advent, wreath, nativity, stable, angel, wooden trough, hay, shepherd, and wise men).

There are so many fun Bb words…ball, boat, bee, basketball, bat, bed, and butterfly, The student’s letter B bees will come home today.

Letter sound/song: Swing the bat and hit the ball…b, b, b.

Reading: We read Snowman at Night and created our own magic snowmen. I wonder what our snowmen and snowwomen do at night when we go home?

I moved the alphabet down to eye level and the students are starting to individually pick out and recognize all their letters. We continue to emphasize letter recognition, letter sound, tracing, and then free hand writing of the letter. We also keep tracing our name – we’ve moved to putting the paper in a plastic sleeve with dry erase markers. It’s a fun way to expand this activity (and save paper).

As we improve these skills–rhyming and three letter word formation becomes second nature!

Next week we start exploring Cc and Kk letters and sounds!

Have a great week!
Mrs. Van Wyck