Half Day Pre K August 27th , 2021

What a wonderful week we had learning and playing in half day prek!   The letter A was the main focus surrounding our academics!  We used center time activities to practice our  motor skills, our imagination and  sharing.  We must say, we have seen all these skills blossom in such a short time!

We continue to work on listening and following directions during calendar time, transition time, and recess time.  Again, what growth we have seen!  Thank you for all the work you have done to prepare your child for preschool.

You should have seen pages come home.  We are all learning and learning at different paces and celebrate every level of accomplishment.  From crayons and markers to paint and glue and pencils, we are trying it all!

We also began our “I am Special ” Religion.  A letter came home today explaining the program.  We introduced the Kelly character and will review her story next week.  EARLY CHILDHOOD WILL NOT BE GOING TO THE 8am MASS ON TUESDAYS.  We hope to incorporate the church into our program during the morning and look forward to having a visit from Fr. Elmer on Tuesday.  We will invite him or Fr. Dan or Fr. Ken to make a visit on Wednesday as well.  We hope to add the mass at some point, but need to get our schedules set with comfort before this can happen.

Next week we will continue with routines, rotations and begin the letter B sound.  We continue our focus with the whole alphabet and counting.  Center time will introduce a puppet theater to enjoy.