Preschool Back Jan 19th

We have our last zoom of the week today at noon.  It will be a show and tell theme–bring any item you want to show us.  We have successfully reviewed the most frequently used consonants in words – S, T, P, N, B, G.  We have further discussed “decoding” three letter words which is the foundation of Jolly Phonics.  We sang our Jolly songs and did our letter sound motions.  We kept current with calendar countdowns and days of the week songs.  We talked about the holy family and Jesus’s Baptism.  Next week we will continue more letter review as we get back in the swing of things.  We will also expand on the discussion of Baptism.
We have another birthday in preschool this week–Happy Birthday JC!  We will also sing on Tuesday when we are back together for both Lilianna and JC birthdays in-person again 🙂.
School resumes on Tuesday at 8:00am-3:00pm.  There is no school Monday for Martin Luther King Day.  THANK YOU for your continued support and all the “extras” that went into taking these two weeks away from in-person learning to quarantine.   We are so blessed with wonderful families!