Preschool September 18, 2020



All aboard the Preschool Express. Choo choo! Last week we focused on the letter Tt. We continue to work on letter sounds and tracing. Every student got a chance to write an upper and lower case on the Smartboard.

Letter motion: Students imitate watching tennis, turning head from side to side saying t t t t.

T is for tiger.

T is for taco Tuesday.

T is for tree.

T is for turtle….and TRAIN!

We wished Nicholas many happy birthday wishes!

Enrichment: We became a conductor on our train “All Aboard with Jesus”. We made an extra special train engine with a tracing of our own first name. Preschool has been working very hard on learning/tracing/writing the letters in their name.


We discussed an important lessons about helping our neighbor and the Good Samaritan.
We completed an Allelu! lesson about sharing.
We “attended” virtually one mass. We will do this every week.

Next week is all about the letter I (ice cream, iguana, insect, and igloo). Enrichment Friday we will explore the sights and sounds of the islands.


Please do not forget –students can bring in a small toy/toys for indoor recess AND a blanket/stuffy/small pillow for rest time.

Please remind your son or daughter to refrain from climbing on the tree or rock near the church at arrival or dismissal.

Thank you!  Mrs. Van Wyck