Half Day Preschool September 10th, 2021

Half day preschool has been so busy, even on our short week!

We learned about the letter C and the kuh sound it makes in words like car and caterpillar.  We heard the castanet song and saw how castanets work and how they sound.

We have learned the A, B and C letters. There are sounds and motions to go with each letter.  See if your child can remember  ( ants marching up the arm, swinging a pretend baseball bat, and clicking castanets)

We are counting and patterning with our unifix cubes,  unicorns, calendar time and bathroom breaks.  We take advantage of every moment of time!

We are working on fine motor skills with playdoh, rice exploration, building, gluing, writing and drawing. The Smart Board has provided us with lots of letter practice and clicking and dragging.

We talked about community helpers and what they do.  We will continue to explore what matches with each community helper.

We love the weather !  It has been an important part of our time together.  The boys and girls love to play with their imagination setting up obstacle courses, playing tag, running, and playing with our ball bin and hula hoops.   We continue to work on sharing and taking turns with equipment outside.

We thank God for our smile on our face!  We have learned that all we are special to God and God loves us.  Our families love us and Mrs. Patty and Mrs. Schaefer love us too!

Next week we will move to the letter D, our wonderful hands, the color yellow and kindness!  Wear Yellow one day next week!

We have Spanish on Wednesday and Gym on Thursday.

We are learning so much, so fast!

It Sure is a GREAT Day to Be a Cardinal in half day prek!