Second-2-None: Week of 10-19

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Next week we begin to look at Reconciliation very closely, spending most of the next few weeks on this Sacrament and preparing for it. We began by learning what the Bible is and why it is so important. I will be handing out the Ten Commandments to the class in the coming weeks, and all the children will have to recite the Commandments to me the week of First Reconciliation. Also, the Act of Contrition is going to come home next week. Please start practicing that for First Reconciliation.

In Language, we took our Chapter 3 test, which covers classifying sentences with a subject noun, verb, adverb, adjective and article adjective. We will begin to identify the type of sentence next by learning a skill check. We’ve written our first opinion piece. The topic was “What should Mrs. McCartney be for Halloween?” They had to give 3 reasons supporting their opinion. We’re still reading and writing long vowel sounds in Phonics and have finished our story “The House on Maple Street.”

We continue our study of basic addition facts and began to look more closely at basic subtraction facts in Math class. Please practice basic facts daily, even if it is just a couple of minutes. The repetition will help with the automaticity of answers.

We took our first unit test in Social Studies this week and have switched back to Science to study animals. We even got to take a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo to visit some animals. It was so fun watching the live cam action of the tigers, panda bear, elephants, and apes!