Second-2-None: Week of 10-26

The Spirited History of Halloween - Dr. Valerie PeckoshDr. Valerie Peckosh

In Religion, we learned about the Great Commandment. It was pretty awesome that the Gospel Reading last week was the story of Jesus talking about it. From there, we looked at each Commandment more closely, talking about what they mean. You should’ve received an email of Father Bob’s video from the Parent Reconciliation Meeting this past week. If you haven’t, let me know, and I can forward it.


The class read a fun story entitled Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday. We talked about money responsibility, and what we thought about Alexander’s decisions. In Grammar, we continue classifying sentence, having learned what complete subjects and complete predicates are, as well as how to classify them. Phonics has us still working with long vowels, in addition to high frequency words.

We will be finishing up Chapter 3 next week and beginning the next chapter. Within Chapter 4, we look at adding 2-digit numbers. Please refer to the Model and Draw of each lesson if you are uncertain to the steps used when breaking apart to make a 10, as this skill does take practice. Don’t forget, there is also a YouTube video for each lesson. Copy and paste into the address bar and find Grade 2 Lesson 4.1 to watch the break down.

We’ve looked at the various animal groups in Science and will continue to look at the characteristics of each more closely.  The students will create a little booklet to help study for the test. It will contain important characteristics of each animal group.