Second-2-None: Week of 10 – 7

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This week in religion class, we began our preparation for First Reconciliation. It began by learning about God’s Word, the Bible. We learned the Bible is divided into 2 testaments, and we even found out that the Gospel is the “good news” of Jesus, written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Next week, we will talk about the Ten Commandments. I will be sending home a copy to be memorized for an oral test nearer to November 9th.

In Language, we introduced article adjectives. So now the class can classify the subject noun, verb, adverbs, adjectives, and article adjectives. We’ve moved on from short vowel sounds to long vowels in Phonics.  During Reading this week, we read a wonderful story about Maple Street, looking carefully at settings. We also looked at the sequence of events in our story.

We took our chapter 2 test in Math and have moved on to basic addition facts. Please practice some basic facts, 0 – 10, every day. So maybe at a red light, you review basic addition facts for 2. Perhaps during dinner prep, you say the 3 and 5 facts. Do you walk to school? See how many your child can say in all.

There was so much to learn in Social Studies. We learned about different types of communities (urban, suburb, rural) and talked about states, borders and state capitals. Next week, we will do a few activities to help remember all the things that we have learned.