Second-2-None: Week of 11-16

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In Religion class, we looked at the Act of Contrition more closely, breaking it down into the 3 main parts. Many of the children already know it, as we say it daily for our dismissal prayer. How are the Ten Commandments coming along? Some know those so well already. Keep practicing both. For the Ten Commandments, I won’t be very strict on saying “thou” versus “you” but they should have most of the words memorized.

In Language, the children finished the letter to parents asking for a new pet. Let me know if anyone is persuaded to get that pet for your child. I’d love to share the pictures! They also did a little writing for Thanksgiving, which is displayed in class for now but will come home soon. After Thanksgiving break, we will begin our next story in reading, which is a short chapter book on Theodore Roosevelt. In grammar, we’ve begun our noun study. We will determine many factors about each noun in a sentence. In Phonics, we have started to look at consonant blends. For fun, see how many your child can find in the words around your house, like clock, swing, tree, etc.

In Math, we continue to work on 2-digit addition. We will finish the chapter in about two weeks. It really helps to know basic addition facts with automaticity. Practice wherever and whenever you can. There are card games and online games that your child can do at home to practice.

Social Studies has been fun while learning about different landforms and bodies of water. We’ve discussed how different places have different characteristics and how we use that to identify the landform or body of water.