Second-2-None: Week of 11/4


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The class is ready for First Reconciliation. We’ve practiced many times and have examined our conscience together to be ready. Please be sure to arrive before our 11AM start. Next week, we will begin to look more closely at the other 5 sacraments that we haven’t delved into yet.

In Reading, we finished reading a sweet story called “A Chair for My Mother” in which we looked at character traits. We will look into what character traits are throughout the year. We read a short story called “I Wanna Iguana.” This story uses a lot of persuasive language, which we will study closely and use when the class writes letters to you about what they “wanna.” We’ve added identifying complete subject and complete predicate to our classification flow in grammar. We are back to spelling words next week. If you want to get a jump start, they are on Vocabulary Spelling City, list 11.

We are adding two 2-digit addends and learning various strategies to do so, such as making a 10, breaking down, drawing pictures, etc. We will continue next week. Don’t forget, there is a YouTube video for each lesson. Just copy and paste into the address bar and find Grade 2 Lesson 4.?? (whichever number lesson we are on) to watch the break down. You will have to scroll down a bit to find the lesson number that we are completing.

We are continuing to look carefully at the different animal groups, their characteristics and life cycles in Science. Next week, we will begin our animal research project. Most of the research will be done in school.