Second-2-None: Week of 11-9

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This week in Religion, we continued to get ready for Reconciliation by discussing sin is intentional, not accidental. We also listened to 2 wonderful stories from the Bible which spoke to the Sacrament. We heard about the Prodigal Son, looking closely at the Father’s constant love and forgiveness. We also heard about the Shepard looking for the lost sheep, as well as his happiness upon the return of the sheep.

We read a short story called “I Wanna Iguana” in reading, which was about a little boy who tries to convince his mother that he should have an iguana. This story uses a lot of persuasive language within an exchange of letters between the boy and his mom. Next week, we will publish our very own persuasive letters asking for a pet. We’ve added identifying complete subject and complete predicate to our classification flow in grammar. In Phonics, we’ve looked at compound words, soft “c” sound and the soft “g” sound. Next week, we will begin cursive. So there will be no handwriting homework until we’ve learned the 4 main strokes and have a good grasp on them. In the meantime, Spelling will become the second piece of homework.

Next week in Math, the class will continue to look at double-digit addition, learning different methods of solving those problems.

We have finished our unit on animals in Science. Next week, we will go back to Social Studies and start looking at various landforms.