Second-2-None: Week of 12/9

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In religion this week, we focused on our Second Step program. We had discussions about fairness, being patient and how to calm ourselves down when feeling frustrated. We will continue to work on these skills throughout the year.

In Language Arts, we continue to classify sentences with the various parts of speech. In Phonics, we moved on to the sounds y can make, specifically either long i or long e. We have finished reading “Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President” and have practiced summarizing the chapters. Next week we will look at making a timeline.  Parents, you received a letter with the Vocabulary Spelling City login information, as I now have a subscription. Please have your child use it as a fun way to review the words for the week.

We’re almost finished with chapter 5 of Math. The test will be next Friday, December 20th. When we return, we will add and then subtract two 3-digit numbers. Please keep practicing basic math facts.

We’ve discussed producers and consumers, along with listed natural resources and their importance. We have just a few more lessons. Our test will be on Thursday of next week, December 19th.