Second-2-None: Week of 2-1


This week in Religion, we spent much of our time participating in Catholic Schools’ Week activities. We talked about vocations and made Valentine’s Day cards for Bethlehem Woods residents. We continued to talk about Mass as well.

In Grammar, the class is cruising along classifying so many parts of speech, including whole prepositional phrases. We also practiced using the method of classifying to create detailed sentences. In Phonics, we’ve moved on from contractions to adding endings to words, such as –ing  and -ed. The rules can be tough to remember. We’ll go through them quite a bit and review throughout the year. Change Makers was our story in reading, and we’ll finish it next week. It is a great story of children who saw a problem and came up with a solution to help fix it.We are finished learning the lowercase cursive letters. Next week, we will begin with uppercase letters. Please remind your child to not write any letters he/she hasn’t learned yet. However, feel free to have them practice away with the lowercase. I will begin to require more cursive in their daily work.

In Math, we are still working on subtracting two 3-digit numbers. Most errors seems to be computational or due to rushing. Keep practicing the basic facts. We will be wrapping it up early next week and moving on to money and time next.

In Social Studies, they’ve been learning so much. We’ve discussed different accounts at the bank, what people do with their income, and what we use to pay for things. We’ve also practice skills like finding a route on a map and reading a pie chart. We’ll continue with this unit next week.