Second-2-None: Week of 2/28

This week in Religion, we focused on Lent. We discussed the meaning of Ash Wednesday and learned about what we should do during Lent. We spoke of PRAYER, ALMSGIVING, and SACRIFICE. We also continued with our Growing with God program, discussing what to do if we feel unsafe. Next week, we go back to studying Mass.  

Most of the class is doing very well classifying sentences. They have become quite good at identifying the complete and simple subject and predicate in sentences. Can’t wait to get to those prepositional phrases. We are working on contractions in Phonics, writing 5 sentence paragraphs, with a topic and closing sentence. Change Makers was our story in reading, and we’ll finish it next week. It is a remarkable story of children who saw a problem and came up with a solution to help fix it. 

Money in math has been tricky for some. We’ve talked about when counting on, always order the coins from greatest to least value. We also talked about using addition to find the total value if counting on is tricky. Some get the quarter and nickel mixed up. I’ve found it helps to practice at home with real coins. Just grab a handful of coins (not much over $1) and ask your child to find the total value. Do this a few times a day. We’ve officially finished the section on money in our Math chapter and have moved on to learning about telling time. However, the test next week will be on both money and time. So please review whenever you can. We will review in class as well. 

We are done with Science Unit 4 about plants and will go back to Social Studies next week.  

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  • On Thursday, 3/3, you should’ve received an email from Barb Campbell about the upcoming meeting for First Holy Communion. The parent meeting will be on Monday, March 14th from 7-8 p.m. in Morrissey Hall. Please mark your calendar. If you didn’t receive the email, please let me know, and I can forward it to you. 
  • Our class will participate in the school Reconciliation next week. We will examine our conscience together and review the steps so that they are prepared.  
  •  The Spring Auction, UNDER THE BIG TOP, will take place on Saturday, April 2, 2022. Please use this link for more information. Don’t forget to get your tickets for this grand event!