Second-2-None: Week of 5-17

In Religion, we continue to talk about how we show acts of kindness and our faith to others, as Jesus did. Together, we looked at the Our Father very closely and figured out the meaning of each sentence. We’ll slowly start to finish up religion next week by talking about the many gifts God has given us.

In Math, we will finish up our book with the last test on geometry and fractions. That doesn’t mean we won’t do math the last week though. I have things all planned out to keep math alive!

We will be finishing up the last chapter of Shurley English next week. Most have done very well with identifying the many parts of speech we have learned. We will finish one more writing activity and then start a summer bucket list activity. With reading, we have finished our story “Going West” and are in the midst of writing our very own pioneer story. After that, we have one more story to read, which is about helping the environment. The last spelling test will be next week as well.

We just finished our last unit in Science, which was on weather. We will go on to Social Studies, as far as we can, and look at special places in our country.