Second-2-None: Week of 5-3

Even though we are only 19 days away from the end of second grade, we are still working so hard!

In Religion, we have been talking about the way different people serve in the church. We focused on priests, nuns, and laity. We’ll continue to talk about serving others next week.

We have begun reading a great story of the pioneers, entitled “Pioneers to the West.” In the story, we are using text features to find information, creating sequence charts, and determining cause/effect relationships. One fun thing we learned about was the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I was a huge “Little House on the Prairie” fan, and I think it is still on TV. Perhaps you can watch an episode or something else to show a little of what life was like for pioneers. In Grammar, we continue to classify sentences, proofread, and edit. Next week, we will be doing a fun activity about homonyms. Keep an eye out for that.

The class worked on a survey that each person developed themselves. Then, they took the data and created a tally chart, bar graph and picture graph. They also had a chance to analyze the data. What a great project. Next week, we will start our last chapter, which is on geometry and fractions.

In science, we are learning about weather. It began with looking at the various types of clouds. The class finished a fun project creating the clouds using cotton balls. They also learned about the Water Cycle, creating a diagram of their own showing the steps.