Second-2-None: Week of 9-14

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In Religion this week, we spoke about Pentecost some more and the Sacraments briefly, learning they were special signs given to us by Jesus. Next, we will look at each Sacrament more closely, starting with Baptism. Please talk to your child about his/her Baptism. You can even share some photos of the special day.

In Language, we’ve been classifying sentences with a subject noun and verb. We will be adding adverbs next week. The jingles we use really help us remember the different parts of speech. We are also learning a new vocabulary word: moist. In Phonics, we continue to read and write short vowel words. In Spelling,

In Math, we’ve been working with numbers to 1,000. The class has practiced showing the same number in various ways. We’ll continue with this next week.

In Science, we will continue to talk about the design process and technology in our world. Next week, we may use the design process for a STEM activity. The Unit 2 test will be late next week.

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