Second-2-None: Week of 9/2/19

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Week of 9/2/19

The class is adjusting to second grade well. We are learning our routines and following them. Have you signed-up for Class Dojo yet? The notes went home several days ago. It’s an easy way to see how your child’s day went, maybe some pictures, and ease messaging me.

We’ve gotten down to business! In religion, we talked about the three persons in one God, using a book about an apple to help understand. We’ve talked about how Jesus was human AND divine. On Fridays, we will usually read the upcoming Sunday Gospel to prepare the children for Sunday Mass. You’ll see Worship Bulletins coming home based on the Gospel. Those are not homework.

In Language, we’ve continued to look at rules for capitalization and punctuation. We’ve also talked about synonyms and antonyms. The class has taken their first Phonics test, based on beginning, middle and ending sounds. In reading, we’ve started our first story “Trouble in the Sandbox.” They’ve enjoyed reading this story and are anxious to see how it ends.

We’re getting close to the end of our first chapter in Math on number concepts. The test will be later next week. The next chapter focuses on numbers to 1,000.

We are done with Science Unit 1 about inquiry skills and scientists’ tools. Next week we will start to talk about technology in our world and the design process.