Second-2-None: Week of 9-9

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Week of 9-9

We are getting into the swing of things rather well. The class has learned the rules, expectations and routines. There will be one change for Math starting next week. Our new texts have proven difficult for most of the students to tear easily. So, Ms. Brcic has torn out all of the in-class lesson pages, keeping the homework pages in the book. On Monday, we will send home the Chapter 2 Math book, with the homework pages inside the book. Please tear out the corresponding day’s lesson whenever we have Math homework. For example, on Monday we will do Chapter 2, Lesson 1; so homework is Lesson 2.1. The pages will also be on the homework sheet.

This week, we spoke about what is a disciple and listed ways that we can all be a disciple of Jesus. We distinguished between Apostles and disciples. In addition, we talked about the wonderful story of Pentacost.

In Language, we’ve finished our chapter about the rules for capitalization and punctuation. However, these will be used throughout the year, so as to really familiarize ourselves with them. Phonics has now moved on to short vowel sounds. We’ll be working with these throughout next week as well. In reading, we’ve finished our first story “Trouble in the Sandbox.” The class really seemed to like this book, especially the end when the found out the kids all became friends. During this story we really focused on character traits and setting. We also touched upon sequencing.

We finished our first math test. Those will go home next week. Chapter 2 focuses on numbers to 1,000. On Fridays, we will often (but not always) have a chance to do some different things in Math. Today, we solved a Math Mystery based on clues that we received.

In Science, we started to talk about technology in our world and the design process. We discussed how technology isn’t just tablets and computers but anything made to meet needs and solve problems, like a toothbrush or pump in a soap bottle.

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