Second-2-None: Week of April 11

There was so much to learn about Holy Week in Religion. We spoke about each day, from the important events of that day to the way we celebrate at church. We ended the week with a video “The Story of Jesus for Children” which depicted key events in Jesus’ life.  

In Language Arts/Reading, we have finished reading our informational text about natural disasters. We’ve talked about what information posters are and how they can be helpful. After break, we will finish our very own poster about one of the natural events. We continued to add suffixes to words. There are multiple rules for this, which can be difficult for the class. So, after the break, we will continue to practice adding suffixes to words before the test.  

We have finished measurement in Math. It is not the end of measurement though. We will continue to practice the skill with Simple Solutions. Next up in Math is representing and reading data.  

When we come back from our break, we will continue to learn about our government and do some activities for a review. The test will be towards the end of the week when we come back. Then, it is back to science for a bit. 

 Dear Parents, 

            I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter!  May you feel all of God’s blessings during this very special season. As my former pastor, Father Joe, often would say, “We are an Easter people.” It never left me.                                           Enjoy your family time, rest well, and make wonderful memories. The remainder of the school year will FLY by like you wouldn’t believe.  


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  • As your child begins working on his/her Communion banner, please be sure to measure it so that it fits well at the end of the pew. Many kits come larger and need to be trimmed. So, please double-check the size. 
  • Are you stuck for ideas but don’t want to order a kit? Just Google “Communion banners” and have your child pick his/her favorite. Favorite colors can be used. Keep in mind to include full name and date, per the instructions. 
  • When your child is finished with the Communion banner, please have him/her bring it to SCHOOL and give it to me for display. It is due the day we come back from break, Monday, April 25th. 
  • The week that we return from easter break is the Sneaker Week from the auction. If you purchased this fun opportunity for your child, please have them come in sneakers.