Second-2-None: Week of April 12

We are in the final stretch of second grade. Can you believe it?!? We’ve begun to practice for First Holy Communion during Religion class and have finished looking closely at the Mass. We will review it some more over the next few weeks. After that, we will talk about service to God and others.

In Grammar we continue to classify our sentences, learn new vocabulary, find topics and details of paragraphs. Vowel sounds are still the focus in Phonics, while with our word play (Phonemic Awareness) we practice so much with language. In reading, the class has begun to read “John Chapman: Planter and Pioneer” and is enjoying learning about the life of Johnny Appleseed. While reading, we’re looking main ideas, finding details, and using KWL charts.

The metric system is still the focus in Math, though we are close to wrapping up measurement. The test will be on Tuesday, April 20. We’ll then move on to graphs.

It’s been so great learning the history of our country. The class has learned not only some of the history, but have looked at important people and places in the USA. We’ll be wrapping up this coming week and then move back into Science. The unit 5 Social Studies test will be on Thursday, April 22.