Second-2-None: Week of April 19

1st holy communion pp

We have been practicing quite a bit for First Communion, and they are ready to receive Jesus. We will continue to practice next week for those receiving on May 1st. During this time we will also talk about ways to serve God and others.

We’ve finished up measurement with our chapter test this past week. Now we have moved on to data & graphs. They’ve learned how to collect data as tally marks and then how to transform the data into picture graphs. We will move on to bar graphs next week.

In Grammar, we have discovered PRONOUNS! The class will now start to classify sentences with pronouns, specifically subject pronouns. What pros we have in 2nd grade! Phonics has us changing the meaning of words by adding prefixes. This week has been re-, dis-, and un-. We’ve wrapped up our story, John Chapman: Planter and Pioneer, but next week we will read another story about the man and compare the two.

We’ve finished up Social Studies Unit 5 and have returned to Science. The class has begun to learn about natural resources and various events that can change the earth, along with its resources. After this unit, we will continue with science and talk about the weather.