Second-2-None: Week of April 4

We finished talking about the main parts of the Mass. We will continue to look at the Mass after Easter so that it is fresh for First Holy Communion. This week, we also completed a beautiful mosaic with the three crosses on Calvary. Next week, we will concentrate on Holy Week and Easter.  

We’ve started our poetry writing this week, beginning with an Autobiography poem. Next week, we will work on a Sensory Poem. We will work on one – two poems a week for the next couple of weeks. We will not have a spelling test next week. In Phonics, we continue to add endings to base words. It goes well when we just add the ending. However, it’s much tougher when they have to decide does the spelling of the base word change at all before adding the ending. In reading, we have started reading another nonfiction text, entitled Disaster Alert. It provides information about 5 natural disasters (tornados, floods, sinkholes, volcanoes, and bushfires) and how to stay safe. Then next story teaches about earthquakes. When finished with these two texts, the class will need to create an informational poster about one of the events. 

Measuring using the metric system is going quite well. They are getting more comfortable using a ruler. We will finish up the chapter next week before vacation. Then, upon our return, we will move on to data and representing data in chapter 10.  

We’ve started learning about government. This week, we talked about local city government and state government. Next week, we will move on to federal government. We will not be able to finish the unit before Easter break, as I do not want to rush the class. There are some fun things to do to really get the information understood. So, we will review what we learned when we come back and finish up the unit within the first week back. Then, we go back to science. 

Newsletters : Maeola R. Beitzel Elementary School

  • The Communion Retreat is tomorrow, Saturday, April 9th. It will take place from 9 AM – 12 PM. It begins in Morrissey Hall. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.  
  • As your child begins working on his/her Communion banner, please be sure to measure it so that it fits well at the end of the pew. Many kits come larger and need to be trimmed. So, please double-check the size. Banners are due to me by Monday, April 25. 
  • When your child is finished with the Communion banner, please have him/her bring it to SCHOOL and give it to me. I display them in the hall for the weeks leading up to First communion. They are excited to show the school, and many people come in to tell us how wonderful they are. I will be sure that they all get to church on Communion Day. 
  • Be sure to mark your calendar for Communion Practice. The 11AM Communion Mass will have practice on Wednesday, May 4, at 6:30 PM. The 1 PM Communion Mass will have practice on Friday, May 6, also at 6PM. We will meet in church.  
  • The Book Fair will take place Monday through Thursday of next week from 9 AM – Noon and 1PM – 4PM. Stop by and get some great books for your child, family, and friends. Our class will be going twice, once to look and once to buy. We will go Monday morning from 10:30 – 11:00 AM, to view the books and create a wishlist. Then, we will go again on Tuesday, from 2 – 2:30 PM, to buy. You may send money with your child to make the purchase or stop in after dismissal to purchase the books with your child.