Second-2-None: Week of August 24


The first few weeks of school is an adjustment. This year, that’s truer than ever. So we spend quite a bit of time on learning/practicing routines, working together in our workbooks, on worksheets, etc. so as to make everyone as comfortable as possible. We may continue this a bit into September.

In our Phonics unit, we begin with beginning, middle, and end sounds. We will continue with this skill into next week. Spelling focused on silent “b” words. Next week is silent “w” words. Please practice daily so that your child is prepared for the test. We’ve been doing some introductory reading lessons to ease back into it. Next week, we will begin our first story “Trouble in the Sandbox.

In Math we have been working on place value of 2-digit numbers, even/odd numbers, and values of digits in a 2-digit number. Your child should be practicing their math facts each night, even if it’s just for 2 minutes. Maybe you can do this while driving home or standing in line at the grocery store.

In Religion, we began to talk about how Jesus was not only human but divine. We listened to stories that showed how divine he was.

This week, we began looking at how Scientists work. We discussed various inquiry skills and tools used by scientists.