Second-2-None: Week of Dec. 7, 2020

3rd Week of Advent: We are Halfway Out of the Dark – The Roamin' Catholic  Priest

We finished up our unit on Reconciliation. When we get back together remotely on the 6th, we’ll move on in our Religion book. However, I will review everything that they need to know for Reconciliation the before their big day. Remember … keep studying the Act of Contrition and Ten Commandments. They will be tested that first week back to in-person learning.

In Math, we are getting close to the end of chapter 5. However, we will not be able to finish before break, as I don’t like to rush them. We will finish our first week back and have the test. Afterwards, we will add and then subtract two 3-digit numbers. Please keep practicing basic math facts.

In Language, we worked on story elements after reading Christmas stories on the Epic app. We also began a long project of creating a non-fiction text features lapbook to better understand the text features we see when reading. This is a great activity to do after our Teddy Roosevelt story as we see many of the features within the story. The students are becoming experts at classifying sentences. We’ve learned how to complete noun charts, find complete subjects and predicates, AND identify the simple subject and predicate. WOW!!  In Phonics, we continue reading and writing words with consonant digraphs. Cursive is going very well. The slant is still tough, but it often is. Please do not have your child write in cursive until the letters are taught, so that it isn’t confusing for him/her. We’ve begun with letters starting with an undercurve. When they begin doing it for homework, remind them to sit properly; both feet on the ground, chair in, backs against the back of the chair, paper tilted, and free hand keeping the paper in place.

During Science, we have talked about the basic needs of a plant, along with the parts of a plant. We’ve learned how each part plays a special part in the life of a plant. The test for Unit 4 will be after break, and then we will move on to environments for living things.