Second-2-None: Week of February 14

We will be starting with our first main part of Mass next week. It is called the Liturgy of the Word. We continue our Second Step program, which helps us deal with confidence, conflict-resolution, etc., We’ve also finished the first two lessons with the Growing with God program. We talked about the gifts God gives us, how we are unique in those gifts. We also talked about how there are safe secrets and unsafe secrets, which we need to tell an adult we trust.  

We continue to classify sentences in Shurley English, while focusing on nouns. We will identify each noun as singular/plural and common/proper. We will also determine the job of the noun. Today, we took our test in Phonics on Unit 4. The next unit deals with contractions, endings, and suffixes.  

In Math, the class has been adding coins. We began with pennies, nickels, and dimes. Then we introduced quarters. We’ll spend some time adding coins before throwing dollar bills into the mix. It would help to have your child look at a handful of coins at home. Have him/her identify the coin and find the value of the coins. They should know to put the coins in order from greatest value to lowest value before counting on to find the total value. 

In Science, we are almost done with the unit on plants. We have worked on a plant diagram. We’ve also talked about the life cycle of a plant, be it a flowering plant or conifer. Once I know when the test will be, I will share that information. 

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  • An incredibly special shout out to the moms who helped make our Valentine’s Day Party so much fun!!! Thank you to Mrs. Delsino for organizing the event. Thank you to Mrs. Barba, Mrs. Morelock, Mrs. Reyes, and Mrs. Wasik for running the whole party, from decorating to leading the activities. A thank you also to Mrs. Senyard who stopped in to help during the set-up. We are all so happy to have parents back in the building!!! 
  • There is no school this coming Monday, February 21, 2022, due to Presidents’ Day. 
  • There is a D4D next Thursday, February 24, at Kenny’s Irish Pub.  
  • The Spring Auction, UNDER THE BIG TOP, will take place on Saturday, April 2, 2022. Please use this link for more information. Don’t forget to get your tickets for this grand event!