Second-2-None: Week of February 15

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For a shorter week, we certainly worked hard. During Religion class, we learned about Lent and talked about the first part of Mass, Liturgy of the Word. We will look very closely at the 2 main parts of the Mass. As we get closer to First Reconciliation, I will be reviewing the words and actions with the class. Also, we will do an examination of conscience the day before, but feel free to do one the morning of Reconciliation. They will be all ready!

In Language Arts, we continued to classify sentences, study our vocabulary, and really look closely at identifying everything about nouns. Our test in Grammar was today. The class has been adding various endings to base words and learning there are various rules as to spelling the words correctly. This can be tough to remember, but fortunately is reviewed again later and in 3rd grade. Next week, we go back to Spelling words and will spend a lot of time on our poetry unit.

Money in math has been tricky for some. We’ve talked about when counting on, always order the coins from greatest to least value. We also talked about using addition to find the total value if counting on is tricky. Some get the quarter and nickel mixed up. I’ve found it helps to practice at home with real coins. Just grab a handful of coins (not over $1 … yet) and ask your child to find the total value. Do this a few times a day.

In science, we’ve started to study the environment. For now, we’ve looked at how plants and animals use their environment. We’ll continue through next week.