Second-2-None: Week of February 22


The Liturgy of the Word is the first main part of Mass. We’ve started talking about the parts of it in sequential order. We’ll work on this for a couple of weeks. Then we’ll move on the the second main part, The Liturgy of the Eucharist. The week of Reconciliation will be used as a review to make sure they all feel prepared and confident.

Our poetry unit is going well. We’re doing one style of poetry per two class periods. We have 3 finished now; Autobiography, Sensory, and Shape. We will continue next week. In Phonics, we continue to practice spelling words correctly when adding an ending. This often can be difficult, as there are many rules to remember. We read a wonderful story about a community that came together to create something beautiful in an old city lot, called City Green. We looked at sequencing, as well as cause and effect. The illustrations are also used a great deal to predict what is happening.

We’ve finished the section on money in our Math chapter and have moved on to learning about telling time. The test will be the week of March 8. Please continue to have your child identify coins (head & tail side) in addition to practice adding up coins. The most common mistake that I see is identifying the coin incorrectly, usually the quarter and nickel.

We have finished up our Science unit on plants and animals in their environment. The test will be Wednesday of next week. The lesson review packet went home yesterday, and the unit will be sent home today. Please have your child study a little every day. We will be reviewing in class as well.