Second-2-None: Week of January 10

We’ve begun to look at what Mass is. In our preparation for First Holy Communion, we will look quite closely at each step of the Mass, in order. Right now, we talked about how Jesus gave us everlasting life. We also talked about the Last Supper, and its importance as the first Communion. We will continue to talk about the Last Supper, as it pertains to the Mass. 

The students are becoming experts at classifying sentences. We’ve learned how to complete noun charts, find complete subjects and predicates, AND identify the simple subject and predicate. WOW!!  We are almost finished reading “Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President” and have practiced summarizing the chapters as we read the story. Next week, we will be working on text features, which were used heavily in our story about President Roosevelt. The next step after that will be to create our own Text Features project. 

Cursive is going very well. The slant is still tough, but it often is. Remind your child to make sure the undercurve really swings out to help with the slant. Please do not have your child write in cursive until the letters are taught, so that it isn’t confusing for him/her. We’ve begun with letters starting with an undercurve. When they begin doing it for homework, remind them to sit properly; both feet on the ground, chair in, backs against the back of the chair, paper tilted, and free hand keeping the paper in place. 

Three-digit addends is our current topic in math. We have learned that the steps don’t really change. In about the middle of the chapter, we will switch gears to subtracting two 3-digit numbers. Are you practicing basic math facts? Knowing them really will help your child. 

We’ve discussed producers and consumers, along with listed natural resources and their importance in Social Studies. We also identified ways to conserve our natural resources. Our test on Unit 2 will be the week after next so that we have ample time to review together in class. Also, the book will go home in the middle of next week so that your child can reread Unit 2 and start studying for the test. 

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  • How is the social studies project coming? The planning sheet is due next Wednesday, January 19. The ancestor doll with directions was sent home today. That is due Wednesday, January 26. There is no need to make it very fancy. Use things around the house. I mentioned to the class that I cut off the top of a bag of oranges to use as a hat tassel. If your child hasn’t started, please have him/her start. I find doing a little each day makes the project much smoother.  
  • There is no school this coming Monday, January 17, as we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. and celebrate his life. 
  • Please check around the house for a Social Studies textbook. We are missing THREE! 
  • Have a great three-day weekend!