Second-2-None: Week of January 13, 2020

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In Religion we talked about how Jesus gave us everlasting life. We also talked about the Last Supper, and its importance. We will continue to talk about the Last Supper, as it pertains to the Mass.

In Grammar, we continued to classify sentences, specifically looking at nouns found in the sentence. In Reading we practiced using the strategies of context clues to define unfamiliar words, as well as finding evidence to answer comprehension questions. In Phonics, we continue reading and writing words with consonant digraphs. We’ve begun learning the lowercase cursive letters. Please do not have your child write in cursive until the letters are taught, so that it isn’t confusing for him/her. We’ve begun with letters starting with an undercurve. When they are doing the homework, remind them to sit properly; both feet on the ground, chair in, backs against the back of the chair, paper tilted, and free hand keeping the paper in place.

In Math, we finished our look at adding two 3-digit numbers and have begun subtracting two 3-digit numbers. Our test will be towards the end of next week.

We’ve taken our Science Unit 4 test and will go back to Social Studies next week, where we will look at goods and services.

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